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As office workers who often were in the room, the risk of dry eye is very likely to occur. These conditions arise from too much exposed to the wind from cooling the room and too old to work in front of a computer screen. How do I fix this?

Based on the studies that have been published in the journal Cornea, dry eye while working in the office can even affect your mood. Therefore, it is better to immediately resolve this condition if you experience it, as reported by Womens Health Mag, Friday (07/26/2013).

In this study, the researchers tested the production of tears from 12 healthy adults. They were studied in two different environments. The first group are in an environment with a humidity level of 40 percent, while the second group are in an environment with a humidity level of 5 percent. Environment in the second group is designed to replicate the flight deck and air conditioned office space. Within an hour, the participants in the second environment is more likely to have dry and itchy eyes. ...continue reading

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Too often medication will give unfavorable effects to the health of the body, one of them if your headaches. This condition is quite often experienced, therefore it is better to know some natural ways to help alleviate it.

Here are a few examples of natural remedies to cope with headaches without medication consumption, as reported Boldsky, Friday (26/07/2013): ...continue reading